Your baby's cry is a window
to their health

Crying is a newborn's only way of communication. We are developing the Baby Cry Insights App to help you better understand your baby's needs and health. If you are a parent, you can become an early adopter and discover new insights while contributing to science.


Cry trigger analysis

Identify the potential triggers (Pain, Fear, Discomfort, etc.) for your baby's cry and receive a report to better understand acoustic markers such as pitch frequency and intensity, and track which soothing technique worked best for your little one.


Routine tracking Coming Soon

Lower your mental load: Easily track your baby's daily routine, such as sleeping, feeding, pumping and more. View it graphically and receive notifications to help you prepare for the next routine event.


Health insights Coming Soon

Get notified rapidly when potentially anomalous patterns are detected, enabling you to better manage your baby's health and seek medical help early when needed.


Understand your baby's cry trigger

Discover the uniqueness of your baby's cry habits

Share your baby profile

Share your baby profile with your partner, nannies or family

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What people are saying about us

Ubenwa is an amazing creation... To think that we could do so much with the cry of a child!
Paulyn E
This will definitely reduce infant mortality. I love that it will be as simple as a smartphone app ...
Isioma A
Inspiring because of its impact on society and the field of healthcare ...
John D
This app needs to get into the hands of health workers ...
Uchenna G