Review of 2019

A Review of 2019

Ubenwa's journey of building clinically-backed, low-cost diagnostic tools for newborns is a long one! Last year we received ethics board approval to launch our clinical trial in Nigeria and Canada. We are now gathering the largest database of clinically-annotated infant cries with real patients. As we begin the new year, we would like to share some of the major milestones of 2019 and our plans for 2020.

A Review of 2018

At Ubenwa, we set for ourselves the task of addressing the problem of perinatal asphyxia - one of the top 3 causes of newborn mortality today. We are applying machine learning to detect this breathing deficiency using only the infant cry as input. This has enabled us to develop an extremely cost-effective tool - a smartphone app - that is accurate and fast. I encountered first-hand the problem of asphyxia during the years I spent volunteering with Enactus and Fisher Foundation in Nigeria. The journey to develop, test and clinically validate Ubenwa has been exciting but difficult most of the time, with many lessons learned. I would like to take the chance of a new year to look back, reflect on how far Ubenwa has come and take a peek at where we are headed.