Leveraging artificial intelligence to create accessible, clinical-grade infant monitoring tools.

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Leadership Team

Charles C. Onu

CEO and AI Lead

Audio machine learning scientist, Harvard-award winner and Vanier scholar, with 8+ years of interdisciplinary experience in developing and deploying healthcare-focused AI solutions.

Samantha Latremouille

Clinical Development Lead

Award-winning scientist in experimental medicine with 8+ publications in biological signal analysis, neonatal research, and experience in translational biomedical engineering.

Innocent Udeogu

Software Engineering Lead

Software engineer with 10+ years of experience who has worked with early-stage US-based startups that have raised over $200M in capital

Arsenii Gorin, PhD

Machine Learning Lead

Scientist with a PhD in speech recognition and acoustics and over 7 years of industry experience in AI-powered voice analytics.

Key Advisors

Doina Precup, PhD

Director, DeepMind Montreal

Yoshua Bengio, PhD

Scientific Director, Mila

George Nikopoulos, PhD

CEO Mannin Research Inc.

Alex Le Bouthillier, PhD

Co-founder, Imagia

Prof Robert E Kearney, PhD

Prof of Biomedical Engineering, McGill

Prof. Edward Alikor, MD, PhD

Prof of Paediatric Neurology, UPTH
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At Ubenwa Health, our multidisciplinary team is driven by a passion for newborn health. Together, we are using our skills in engineering, artificial intelligence, and medical research to make clinical-grade diagnostic tools widely accessible.