At Ubenwa Health, our multidisciplinary team is driven by a passion for newborn health. Together, we are using our skills in engineering, artificial intelligence, and medical research to make clinical-grade diagnostic tools widely accessible.

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Our Vision

To save lives at birth

Our Mission

Leveraging artificial intelligence to create accessible, clinical-grade infant monitoring tools.

The Team

Charles C. Onu

AI Research Lead

Charles carries out research at the intersection of AI and biomedical engineering at Mila - the Qu├ębec Artificial Intelligence Institute and McGill University. He has industry experience in software engineering and machine learning at CypherCrescent and Health Experiences Canada.

Samantha Latremouille

Clinical Development Lead

Samantha is a PhD candidate in Experimental Medicine at McGill University, with additional studies in Translational Biomedical Engineering and Surgical Innovation. She is currently researching biological signal analysis in the newborn intensive care unit.

Innocent Udeogu

Software Engineering Lead

Innocent is a software engineer and technology entrepreneur. A graduate of the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST Africa), he has delivered several software engineering projects at Andela


Prof. Doina Precup

Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Yoshua Bengio

Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Edward Alikor

Paediatric Neurology

Prof Robert E Kearney

Biomedical Engineering

Urbain Kengni


Scott Schaffter

Product Development

Gautam Bhattacharya, PhD

Machine Learning

Eyenimi Ndiomu, MD, MPH

Global/Public Health

Pedro Herrera-Munoz